What does your Sleeposcope say?

They say you can say a lot about a person from their shoes. They say you can say a lot more from the way they sit on a chair. Then, what about the way they sleep? What does the way one sleeps, say about their personality?

What does your sleeping posture say about you?
Scholars, psychologists, sleep researchers and scientists have been asking the same questions for decades now. They have been learning about the common sleeping patterns, trying to gather evidence to correlate the sleepers’ personalities with the way they sleep. From a good sample of sleepers, 8 different sleeping positions have been observed, each of which speak volumes about the sleeper’s personality.
Are you ready to find out your Sleeposcope and what it says about you? Here we go!
Sleeposcope: The Soldier
‘Soldier’ in bed
Saavdhan! aka The Soldier
Studies have found that there about 8% of people out there who sleep like this! If you are a ‘Soldier’ in bed, you don’t talk a lot or give yourselves away easily. But you got your bearings together and hold yourselves and others to high codes of living. So, march on!


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Sleeposcope: The Star-Gazer
Star-gazers are known for having a charmingly positive attitude.

 Classic SRK aka The Star-gazer

Holding friends above everything else, Star-gazers are all about empowering lives with empathy. Much like King Khan, the Star-gazers are known for having a charmingly positive attitude. With a breezy worldview in general, they are easily people’s favourites when it comes to social gatherings!


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Sleeposcope: The Yearner
The Yearners are complicated people, full of dichotomies.

Reaching-for-laddoo aka The Yearner

The Yearners are complicated people, full of dichotomies – maybe why they are reaching for stress laddoos in sleep! Their open-mindedness is balanced by their cynicism. The Yearners usually take their time with decision-making, but once a choice is made, there is no one quite as headstrong as them!


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Sleeposcope : The Pillow Hugger
Love to get snug! With a high affinity for cuddles.
Koala Bear aka The Pillow Hugger
The Pillow Huggers, much like their cute counterparts – the Koala bears, love to get snug! With a high affinity for cuddles, Pillow Huggers hold close relationships above everything else in life… and also good sleep!


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Sleeposcope: The Starfish

Picture-perfect sleeping postures! For all the grace in sleep

Pose-for-camera aka The Starfish
Lending ears, helping hands and picture-perfect sleeping postures! For all the grace in sleep, with almost picturesque sleeping postures, the Starfish are not keen on getting a lot of attention, but don’t mind a little bit every now and then.


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Sleeposcope: The Fetal PositionTough on the outside and all fudgy soft on the inside.

Back-to-the-womb aka The Fetal Position
Tough on the outside and all fudgy soft on the inside – that’s the classic Fetal Position sleeper for you. People who sleep in fetal position are observed to be hesitant in social situations. But they can surprise you with how open and relaxed they become once warmed up.


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Sleeposcope: The Freefaller

Bold and amicable in social situations.

No Parachutes aka The Freefaller
The Freefaller has no parachutes – not just during sleep! As they are not huge fans of confrontation, uncomfortable situations may make the Freefallers go into their shell. But in general, they are mostly seen as bold and amicable in social situations.


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Sleeposcope: The Log
Friendliness is their one true charm
Playing Statue aka The Log
The Logs always find best friends in everyone. People who normally sleep in this position, can sometimes be too trusting of people. But for these sleepers, their friendliness is their one true charm, making them the popular in every circle!


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Did you learn something new about yourself from your Sleeposcope? Share it with us in the comments below. Sleep tight!


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