Top Tips To Stay Cool On Summer Nights.

Summer’s can get unbearably hot at times. You sweat all day and feel drained through the day. You just want to have a quick meal and fall asleep. But as soon as you hit the sack you realise your bedroom is like a cauldron, making it very hard for you to fall asleep and get some well deserved rest. We’ve all been there, but fear not, here is a list of top tips to help you stay cool on hot and muggy summer nights.


Open doors and windows and let the cool breeze in.
Cross Ventilation cools the room down.

The hot summer sun heats up buildings and air during the day, the trapped heat needs t be dissipated. Opening the doors and windows allows for cross ventilation, pushing hot air out and creating cool draft. Do this for a few minutes before you sleep or turn on your A/C or cooler. This also helps save energy.

Take a shower

Taking a cold shower before going to bed, helps your body cool down and relax. A quick shower is a fast and easy way to bring your body temperature down and drift off into relaxing sleep.

Wear cotton nightwear

After a nice cool shower, slip into something comfortable, preferably loose fitting cotton nightwear. The loose fitting clothing breathes helping you stay cool all night

Turn over the pillow

Switch to the cooler side of the pillow at night.
Turn over pillow to the cooler side.

During the day your bed and pillow absorb the heat, try placing your head on a hot pillow and you’ll quickly realize how uncomfortable it can be. Consider flipping the pillows over each night, so that you rest your weary head on the colder side.

Use a damp sheet

Wet a light sheet or blanket and wring it out. Cover yourself with the damp fabric, as the air circulates around you, the damp cloth absorbs the heat and keeps you cool. This is how the ancient Egyptians used to sleep!

Sleep downstairs or on cool floor

Hot air rises high and cool air settles at the bottom. Also, the downstairs are in your home tend to be cooler as they are not exposed to direct sunlight all day long. So try shifting to a cooler area at home.

Eat Light/Raw

Your body uses a lot of energy to digest protein rich foods, thereby raising your body temperature. Try eating light or raw foods to stay cool internally.


Moisture in the air makes it feel hotter and muggier than it is. Invest in a dehumidifier to keep cool. However ensure that your dehumidifier doesn’t dry up the air completely and maintains a humidity of at least 45%.

Try a Different Mattress

Try a new mattress this summer.
Better air circulation. Less trapped heat.

Your old mattress may have become lumpy and form pockets which trap heat. Newer foam mattresses and latex mattresses come with a fabric layer that dissipates heat and provides better air circulation.

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