The Essential Guide To Recommended Sleep Durations.

The Essential Guide To Recommended Sleep Durations.
Your age group and daily routine determines your need for adequate hours of sleep per day to maintain a healthy mind and body.
The younger you are, the longer you tend to sleep; the older you get, the lesser the hours one needs.
Here is a detailed look at what makes it so –


0-3 months: Hands down newborns would win a sleep marathon if there were a sleeping contest. Doctors suggest that it is normal for them to sleep upto 20 hours a day. When comforted by the touch of parents, and especially the new mother, newborns sleep for about 14 to 17 hours a day. A new mother often tries to match her sleep patterns to her newborn to recuperate as well as be available to feed her baby.

4-11 months: As an infant’s circadian rhythm starts developing, new parents revel and make more time during their ‘wakey-wakey’ hours of gurgling, random smiles and cries for food. Their sleep requirement starts dropping down to about 12 to 15 hours.
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1-2 years: At ages 1 and 2 your toddler starts sleeping about a couple hours less making their sleep requirements go down further to around 11 to 14 hours. At this stage, parents often feel a mix of bliss and relief to see their little one asleep simply because once awake, they keep at their unstoppable attempts to start walking and running about all over the place requiring adequate adult supervision to avoid fall and mishaps.
3-5 years: Pre-school kids need to get into bed at fairly early hours to avail 10 to 13 hours of sleep. This is the time when their minds are at their sharpest and most impressionable. The ability to grasp, wonder and learn about the world around them is immense. There’s a lot of running, playing, learning and questioning to do! Healthy sleep habits can drive their physical and mental capacities to make for a strong foundation in these early growing years.
6-12 years: Children by this age go to school and are well settled in an everyday schedule that is divided between the demands of academic study hours and outdoor play time. While maintaining this balance is beautiful, nothing should hinder a 9 hour sleep for each night.
13-17 years: As their physical and mental development starts shooting up during adolescence, teenagers develop a lot of restless feelings, often mixed with anguish and confusion about the rapid changes in their body and mindscapes. Added academic and peer pressure is also something they grapple a lot with on an everyday basis. It is important that parents and guardians comfort and reassure them with friendly conversations and reinstil healthy habits for them to feel guided and safe. Often they miss out on their much required sleep ranging from 8 to 10 hours. To a parent’s critical eye, they might seem to be getting lazier, but be assured, this phase is temporary anyway.
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Young adults
18-25 years: Teenagers soon leave their cocoons of confusions behind and grow up beautifully to start stepping out in the world building their careers, relationships and a life-long impression of the world. An approximate 9 hours of sleep is still imperative to allow them to start managing their busy lives filled with interesting number of activities and revelations with confidence.
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26-64 years: Stepping into the flourishing and ever changing world of adulthood while mastering life experiences and nurturing relationships is exciting. This often results in slashing down sleep requirements and compromising on healthy habits. An average adult must at the very least sleep for 7 hours. If possible, upto 9 hours of sleep would allow to generously reward your mind and body.Deep sleep is highly beneficial to a promote a strong immune system and an even stronger memory.
65+ years: When aging individuals, parents and grand-parents have materialized a lifestyle that they have well-settled into they desire a slightly slower paced life and deserve to relax more. Younger family members and friends will still seek out and marvel at the wisdom and joy they bring with their glowing presence and delightful conversations. However niggling health issues and common body aches and pains might keep them immensely worried and awake at night. Do assist and support to care and comfort the elderly in your life and encourage them to get a good night’s rest of about 7 to 8 hours.
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Be more sensitive to and less judgmental about your sleep requirements. Ensure you are grabbing the appropriate share of your 40 winks each night!

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