Spring or Foam Mattress. What to buy?

The search for the ideal mattress begins with many questions you need to ask yourself, although comfort and price are major determinants, some of the other factors ought to influence your decision.

Factors to Consider:




  -Back pain, neck pain, and/or arthritis

Based on the above one has to narrow their search down to the choice of mattress technology. Here is a comprehensive guide to help compare and make the right choice for you between a spring mattress and a foam mattress.

Cross-section of spring mattress.

Spring Mattress as the name suggests consist of many metal coils suspended between other materials of the mattress. They offer terrific bounce and support, particularly for heavier people or those with back ailments.

Spring mattresses support the body by pushing back with a similar amount of pressure that the body applies. However they are not very adept at pressure distribution sp the areas of the body which press down the hardest of the bed (typically the chest, hips and head) will get the most pushback. For some sleepers, this can cause nighttime discomfort.

Sleepkraft mattresses utilise Bonnell spring and pocket springs. Bonnell springs are hourglass shaped and laced together to give uniformity of reaction. Pocket springs are individually encased in fabric, so act independently of each other. This can give the mattress and more “hugging” feel to the body.

Various layers of foam mattresses.

Foam mattresses rely on air trapped within aerated substances to offer support and bounce. Foam mattresses are very durable. Sleepkraft’s proprietary Pureklean Crystal technology ensures dust mites and germs are neutralized, giving you a hygienic and comfortable restful sleep. Our advanced nanocell technology, helps with pressure distribution and makes the mattresses breathe, keeping them cool.  If you share the bed with a restless sleeper then foam mattresses will be comfortable as they absorb the movement quickly.

Foam Vs Spring Mattress Comparison


Affordable Slightly expensive compared to foam
Generally low thickness Has both low and high thickness options
Better suited for lightweight individuals Better suited to bulkier individuals
Memory foam offers no movement transfer Spring mattresses can transfer partner disturbance
Generally suits back and stomach sleepers Suits side sleepers, in addition to back and stomach sleepers

Explore our range of mattresses to find the best fit for your needs.

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