Sleepkraft’s Coir Mattress Serena

A lightweight combination of pure foam and pure coir keeps the mattress moisture-free, giving you great value for money.

All About The Kraft:
The Serena range of mattress are a symbol of our craftsmanship, they are extremely lightweight and are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from single to king size. The mattress is also available in custom made sizes as per your needs, visit our comprehensive mattress size guide to find the ideal size for you. Made from high quality pure foam and pure coir, Serena offers you superior comfort at pocket friendly prices.

Behind the Kraft:
Serena is available in two thicknesses 100m (4 inch) and 125mm (5inch).

SERENA 100 mm 125 mm
Quilt 10 mm 10 mm
Pure HD Foam 40 mm 40 mm
Pure Coir 25 mm 40 mm
Pure HD Foam 40 mm 40 mm
Layers of foam and coir
Serena cross section

A layer of pure coir of varying thickness as per your choice is sandwiched between two layers of High Density (HD) Foam of 40mm each for firm support. A layer of quilt is added to provide soft comfort and superior relaxation.

Serena features
With Nanocell Technology, PureKlean Krystals and 2 Year warranty

The foam layers are processed with Advanced Nanocell technology for your comfort, all the materials are infused with PureKlean Krystals that repel dust mites, providing you an Always Safe and Always Fresh Serena mattress.


Better Technology. Better Sleep.

All Sleepkraft products are backed by our superior Sleepkraftsmanship, giving you complete rest and peace of mind with industry-best warranty. Serena comes with a 2 year warranty and is widely available in a store near you, click here to find the closest Sleepkraft store. You can also buy the mattress online click here to know more or buy now.

Experience Better Sleep with the Serena mattress. Know more about Sleepkraft’s entire range of mattresses and accessories on www.sleepkraft.com.

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