Senora by Sleepkraft

All About the Kraft

An affordable member of our reversible foam mattress line-up, Senora by Sleepkraft is a simple but effective mattress, providing an adequate amount of support for your joints, knees, and various other orthopedic pressure points, while not being too firm or uncomfortable to sleep on. As with all Sleepkraft mattresses, Senora is made of the highest quality foam, uses Nanocell technology in construction, and utilizes PureKlean krystals to keep the mattress hygienic and long-lasting.

Behind The Kraft

Senora is made purely of our proprietary hard foam. The foam is of a consistency that provides healthy and restorative sleep. The nanocell technology with which the foam is made ensures that the mattress distributes the pressure applied by your body evenly across the surface and cross-section of the mattress, adding to the health and orthopedic nature of the product. Also, the mattress is krafted to be reversible so that you get the most out of your purchase. We recommend you turn the mattress once every 6 months, or depending on how you feel the mattress has responded to your sleeping position over time.

Senora makes use of our proprietary PureKlean krystals. This means that the mattress will remain free from dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and fungi throughout its life. This also means that the mattress will stay hygienic and easy to sleep on throughout its period of use. The nanocell technology, as mentioned above, keeps air circulation through the mattress consistent. This keeps the mattress cool, making it easier for you to sleep on through those extra hours on the weekends. All in all, Senora makes for a well rounded, affordable mattress that you cannot go wrong with.

Better Technology. Better Sleep.

Our commitment to your comfort is what drives us. We at Sleepkraft believe in careful kraftsmanship and make sure you purchase a superior product for your usage and requirement with an industry-best warranty. Senora mattress comes with a 2-year warranty and is widely available across different states. Click here to find a Sleepkraft store near you. Senora is available in two thickness options, 4.5 inches, and 6 inches.

Pure Hard Foam110mm150mm

Alternatively, our mattresses are also available online and you can click here to buy one or explore more.

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