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Sleepkraft Restora

One of the safest and most comfortable choices in mattresses is a foam mattress. Like Goldilocks, you would find that there are typically 3 types of mattresses in the market – one that is too soft to sleep in, one that is too hard to relax on and the third one that would be “just right”. For a light sleeper and a thinner body type, a foam mattress is ideal since it helps you avoid sinking into the mattress too much and maintain a good spine posture even as you sleep.

Restora by Sleepkraft is a doctor approved therapy Foam mattress that is just the right combination of a bonded foam core and a supersoft foam that adapts to the curvature of your spine, while being buoyant and self-breathing. Our comprehensive mattress size guide will help you to find the ideal size for you. We assure you it’s the best value you’ll have for your money and needless to say – “just right”.

Restora is available in two thicknesses 125mm (5 inch) and 150mm (6 inch).

Restora 125 mm150 mm
Quilt21 mm21 mm
Pure Soft Foam30 mm45 mm
Pure HD Foam30 mm30 mm
Bonded Foam 50 mm60 mm
Quilt10 mm10 mm
Restora cross section

Restora mattresses are made using a layer of Pure HD Foam of 30 mm set between a layer of Pure Soft Foam of 30 or 45 mm and Bonded Foam of 50 or 60 mm

Therapy series mattress using Advanced Nanocell Technology & PureKlean Krystals

Therapy series mattress using Advanced Nanocell Technology & PureKlean Krystals

These foam layers are from our range of therapy series is perfect for spinal support. The material is made using Advanced Nanocell Technology and with PureKlean Krystals that help keeps dust mites away making the mattress always safe and fresh.  

Better Technology. Better Sleep.

We at Sleepkraft believe in careful kraftsmanship and make sure you purchase a superior product for your usage and requirement with an industry-best warranty. Restora Foam Mattress comes with a 6 year warranty and is widely available across different states. Click here to find a Sleepkraft store near you. Alternatively, our mattresses are also available online and you can click here to buy one or explore more.

Foam mattresses are popular in India. Experience a very comfortable sleep with Restora mattress. We have a range of mattresses for you to explore from. Visit www.sleepkraft.com to know more.

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