Memory Foam Vs Latex, find the right mattress for you.

Have you been bombarded with information about the comfort of Memory Foam and the durability of Latex while looking for your next mattress? Is it overwhelming you? Fear not, we at Sleepkraft will de-mystify the science for you and help you make the right choice for your home.


The history of Memory Foam may help provide some insight into what to expect from a mattress made from it. Memory Foam was developed by NASA through years of research and deployed into the field in the 1960s to protect it’s pilots during a ‘crash scenario’. The chemicals used in the process allow for a lightweight, but highly dense and energy absorbing material that can take the shock of a crash and ensure the pilot’s safety.


Memory Foam was named so due to it’s slow recovery time i.e. it mimics the body’s shape when pressed against it, retaining the memory of the impact, it slowly dissipates the energy and returns to it original shape gradually when the pressure is released. When used in the upper layers of mattresses, Memory Foam relieves the pressure on your body and spine by hugging it, creating a comfortable cocoon around the contours of your body.


Latex on the other hand is made from all natural material, i.e. rubber sap, and has a quick recovery time leading to a firm support and bounce. Unlike Memory Foam, when you release the pressure after pressing your body against it,  Latex snaps back to its shape instantly, providing a sort of ‘bounce’. Latex mattresses are generally lighter and offer a more even pressure distribution, making the mattress more airy and less heat retentive compared to a Memory Foam mattress.


Both Memory Foam and Latex mattresses are excellent in relieving pressure points and can provide a good night’s sleep. Whether you chose to buy a Memory Foam mattress or a Latex mattress boils down to whether you like being enveloped by the mattress or prefer a firm back support.


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