Memora by Sleepkraft

All About The Kraft.

Sleepkraft memora is unique due to its elasticity, making it soft and supportive for the neck. Made of the finest memory foam which can shift back to shape when pressure is lifted, it is crafted for restful sleep.

Behind the Kraft.

Sleepkraft Memora is krafted using the same Viscoelastic memory foam that is used in the construction of our high-end mattresses, such as Premia, Regalia, and Superia. Memory foam, due to its characteristic nature, provides optimum support by moulding itself around your head, neck, and shoulders, while not being too firm or uncomfortable. Sleepkraft Memora brings with it all the perks you would expect from a high-end Sleepkraft product, such as impeccable kraftmanship, best-in-class longevity, and better sleep, every time.

Better Sleep. Better Technology.

Our pillows are made using our proprietary Nanocell Technology and PureKlean Krystals. The nanocell technology ensures longevity in terms of the shape and shoulder, and neck support the pillow gives, while the PureKlean Krystals ensure that the pillow stays hygienic and free from dust mites, fungus, and mites. 

Sleepkraft pillows are widely available across different states. Click here to find a Sleepkraft store near you.

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