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All About The Kraft

One of our best selling health mattresses, Healthea is designed specifically to provide unique support to the spine, back and hips, keeping these essential stress points supported and well rested. Healthea offers durability and long-lasting value while staying anti-fungal and dust-mite free throughout its lifetime.

Behind The Kraft:

Healthea is a simple combination of 2 materials, layered to provide the ultimate healthy sleeping experience. The bottom layer consists of High quality Belgium Latex foam, which provides a breathable base to the mattress in order to keep it light and airy. The second layer consists of Soft Foam, perfect for giving support to the essential stress points, such as the back, spine, and hips. The top layer consists of the same, High Quality Belgium Latex foam used in the base, providing a breathable surface to keep the resting layer cool, while maintaining the elastic properties of the mattress.

The arrangement of these materials in such a way ensures that the mattress stays self ventilated, keeping it moisture regulating. This keeps the mattress anti-fungal, hygienic and resistant to dust mites and bed bugs for a long period of time. Healthea is available in 2 thicknesses, 6 inches, and 8 inches.

Healthea6 inch8 inch
Euro Top Latex Foam125mm150mm
Pure Soft Foam35mm60mm

Better Technology. Better Sleep.

We at Sleepkraft believe in careful kraftsmanship and make sure you purchase a superior product for your usage and requirement with an industry-best warranty. Healthea Latex Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and is widely available across different states. Click here to find a Sleepkraft store near you. Alternatively, our mattresses are also available online and you can click here to buy one or explore more.

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