Diva by Sleepkraft

All About the Kraft

Bonded foam and rubberised coir, combined with Nanocell Technology make Diva by Sleepkraft the perfect choice for back support and comfort, without compromising on durability. When you feel that the mattress is too firm or has retained an uncomfortable amount of heat, Diva can be flipped around and used, giving you the option of having a mattress that feels like it’s brand new, long after you’ve started using it.

Behind the Kraft

Rubberised coir is renowned industry-wide for its firmness and ability to provide ample support to the body. In Diva, these qualities are amplified and made better because we use only the best quality of materials in the construction of our mattresses. The bonded foam core of the mattress ensures that there is just enough travel for the coir top to be comfortable and supportive at the same time. Coir provides an airy and well-ventilated surface to sleep on, while the self thermo-regulating character of the bonded foam ensures that the entire mattress stays cool and comfortable to sleep on.

Diva incorporates our Nanocell Technology and is treated with our proprietary PureKlean Krystals, both of which ensure that the mattress stays comfortable for a long period of time, so that you sleep peacefully day in and day out.

Better Sleep. Better Technology.

Our commitment to your comfort is what drives us. We at Sleepkraft believe in careful kraftsmanship and make sure you purchase a superior product for your usage and requirement with an industry-best warranty. Diva luxury mattress comes with a 5-year warranty and is widely available across different states. Click here to find a Sleepkraft store near you. Diva is available in 5-inch thickness.

Pure Coir25mm
Bonded Foam60mm
Pure Coir25mm

Alternatively, our mattresses are also available online and you can click here to buy one or explore more.

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