Blissful Sleep After A Lifetime.

Raghu Vamsi
42 Year Old Travel Agent.
Purchased Sleepkraft Regalia. Sleep’s Like A Baby!

When did you buy a Sleepkraft mattress?

I switched to a Sleepkraft Regalia mattress about 3 months earlier. I had been researching the best mattress to buy for about 3 weeks before making the purchase.

How was the mattress shopping experience?

There is a Sleepkraft store in the same lane as my office, so I didn’t have to search too hard for a new mattress. The staff was very helpful and asked me about my sleep habits and comfort preferences before recommending a suitable mattress. I had shortlisted a couple of options and the next day I brought my wife along to finalize the purchase. We chose the Regalia Mattress and got it delivered the very same day.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I run a successful travel agency in Kadapa. Having poured my blood, sweat and tears into the business for over 20 years, I am now reaping the benefits. My clients come in all shapes and sizes and bring with them exacting demands. My reputation in the market has grown over the years as I have been able to provide customized solutions and meet my client’s every need. I recently turned 42, and I have been feeling that age is finally catching up with me. Earlier in my career I would feel fresh everyday, no matter how hard I had worked the previous day.

Why did you choose to buy a new mattress?

As a small business owner, I take great interest and care in the day to day to operations and oversee my team of travel agents very diligently. All of this leaves me very drained each night. Of late however, I start to feel very tired around 6pm, I find it very hard to focus and become very irritable. I had consulted my family doctor, who during the check up asked if I was sleeping well. I realized my nights have not been giving me complete rest. I keep tossing and turning most of the night, leaving me feeling worn out even before I wake up the next morning. Based on my doctor’s advice, I set out to change my mattress.

How satisfied are you with the mattress?

After what feels like almost a lifetime now, I am experiencing blissful sleep. The soft cushioning effect of the Memory Foam supports my back and neck ensuring I don’t have to shift weight often. I no longer toss and turn each night, and my wife is happier for it.

Will you recommend Sleepkraft to your friends and family.

Definitely, it is worth every rupee. The renewed energy from the comfortable sleep each night is showing great results at work. I have begun to grow my business and develop my team with full vigour and vitality. Thank you Sleepkraft, your mattress has made a huge difference in my life. I now Sleep Like A Baby!

-Raghu Vamsi

Travel Agent,

42 Years Old

Raghu Vamsi
42 Year Old Travel Agent.
Purchased Sleepkraft Regalia. Sleep’s Like A Baby!

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