How meditation helps you sleep better?

Tossing and turning in the bed, lying awake in the wee hours – insomniacs are all too familiar with these disturbing habits on long sleepless nights. Their constant companions, anxiety and the feeling of boredom as they lay awake, leave them feeling tired and stressed when day breaks. They grudgingly trudge through the day, as they go about their daily chores and tasks at work, hoping to catch some shut eye and much needed rest. Only, to come home to haplessly repeat the process.

Is there a way out of this cycle of punishment and woe?

Studies show that meditation may hold the key to restful sleep. The mind, especially that of insomniacs, has a funny way continually jumping from one thought to the next, reacting to impulses or stimuli, staying at a steady level of brain activity. Meditation helps bring quietness and calm to the mind; through practice, it slowly creates increasingly longer periods of space between thoughts. Once thoughts stop racing through your head, it leads to improvement in your sleeping habits.

Meditation has a great impact on both the quality and quantity of your sleep. With regular practice, one could alleviate their pain. With daily meditation, we experience a deeper and a more sound sleep. If you are suffering from sleepless nights then regular meditation may just be the panacea to insomnia.

Think of the brain like a muscle. If it focuses too much for too long, the muscle will have trouble releasing and can lead to cramps. A cramped muscle prevents restful sleep. Meditation brings intent and consciousness to the brain by sending the message that it is now time to relax, release and experience that restful space. If the brain stays in a conscious state of attention without experiencing a release, sleep quality is negatively affected.

When meditation becomes a practice, the brain becomes familiar with the restful state and no longer resists it. Thus, it is easier and more comfortable to fall into a truly restful sleep.

Make time for meditation in your daily routine. Nurture the habit to meditate and stick to it. You will find yourself feeling fresh as you strengthen your practice.

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