Alexa by Sleepkraft

All About The Kraft.

A classic fibre pillow designed to provide good spinal posture, Sleepkraft Alexa fibre pillow is a perfect choice for healthy sleep. The resilience of the fibre gives you the right balance between breathability and firmness.

Behind the Kraft.

Alexa is made of one of the most popular pillow components around — Fibre. Fibre is as popular as it is for multiple reasons; temperature regulation, the optimum balance between comfort and neck support, and perfect value for money. Alexa by Sleepkraft brings together all the benefits of having a foam pillow and all the benefits of our expert kraftmanship. The inclusion of PureKlean Krystals in the fibre used in the manufacturing of Alexa pillows ensures that the pillow stays dust, allergen, mite, and fungus free throughout its time of use.

Better Sleep. Better Technology.

Our pillows are made using our proprietary Nanocell Technology and PureKlean Krystals. The nanocell technology ensures longevity in terms of the shape and shoulder, and neck support the pillow gives, while the PureKlean Krystals ensure that the pillow stays hygienic and free from dust mites, fungus, and mites.

Sleepkraft pillows are widely available across different states. Click here to find a Sleepkraft store near you.

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