5 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Consider Changing Your Mattress

The essential guide to replacing your mattress.
When and how to buy a new mattress?

A lot of domestic products and especially items of personal use must be replaced at regular intervals. Many of us out of sheer complacency or our conservative mindsets towards changing things around living spaces play penny pinchers when it comes to replacing items that we use everyday.

Ideally, in the best interest of overall health and hygiene, it is highly recommended that we change our mattresses every 7-10 years.

Here are some of the top reasons which might help you pause and rethink before you go on about using your mattresses as usual each day:

1) Mattress Hygiene:

Old mattresses are and easy breeding ground for bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria and mould to grow.
Wear and tear. Dusty old mattresses are wearhouse of dead skin cells and body fluids.

We lose quite a bit of dead skin cells and body fluids in the form of sweat and oil each night as we lie down. These get trapped in the mattress material and make it an easy breeding ground for bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria and mould to grow. A very old mattress would even start smelling musty and unpleasant. In a country like India, a mattress also catches a lot of dust quite easily if not maintained on an everyday basis.

2) Quality Sleep:

Lumpy bed causes you to toss and turn each night.
Saggy old mattress.

To be able to sleep well each night, it is best to have a mattress that is in good shape and one that doesn’t hinder your need to feel comfortable and well rested. Over a considerable period of time and with usage, your mattress tends to become lumpy and loses its original quality that was made and meant to support your spine and body for proper sleep. It is definitely a bad idea to continue a mattress that causes your body to ache or makes you wish you were sleeping someplace else instead.

3) Deteriorated Mattresses:

Don't settle for anything less than a good night's rest.
Oh that sinking feeling!

While Latex and Memory Foam mattresses can last longer than an average of 10 years, Spring mattresses might give way sooner and might need to be replaced. Besides, with continual usage of a mattress, it would start catching your body impressions and start sagging. This soon becomes a bad experience each night when you deserve to sink in and sleep well to retire from a long day.

4) Health Issues:

Bad sleep posture has harmful long term effects.
Stiff necks and backs are often due to worn out mattresses.

A good mattress should help you sleep peacefully without causing you any physical harm or discomfort. Your mattress must also help you maintain a good aligned position for your spine while you sleep. But many a times, we wake up with an aching back or a neck or with stiff muscles and body pains. Additionally, if you are prone to asthma and allergy, it might be very well worth to consider replacing your old mattress for the sake of your health.

5) Disturbed by Partner:

Use a mattress that absorbs the movements and doesn't transfer the shockwaves to you.
Feel every move your partner makes?

If you are experiencing a lot of tossing and turning in bed trying to fall asleep, look to your partner’s side of the mattress. It is quite possible that their sleep movements are being transferred to your side of the bed and the mattress is not holding it up well any longer. It might be a good time to find a new mattress that suits you both. A Memory Foam mattress just be the best choice for you.

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