16 Ways to Conquer Jet Lag.

Are you a savvy salesperson? Or perhaps a rising entrepreneur? Or a much sought after entertainer? Whoever you are and whatever it is that you do, if you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who is required to travel quite frequently and although at first the idea was very exciting, it would have rapidly taken a toll on your health resulting owing to frequent jet lags.

So what Exactly is a Jet Lag?

When you float more in the sky crossing continents constantly than spending your time in one place, your body takes a hit and your circadian rhythms (or body clock) can go haywire making you feel disoriented. A change in geography fools your body into thinking that it is in one time zone while it is physically elsewhere. This leads to an overall feeling of being out of balance and constant fatigue.

If you tend to travel across 1 or 2 time zones and they are similar to your time zone, you might not be as affected by jet lag.

However, if you do travel across, say 3 or more time zones at a stretch or frequently enough, you are more likely to develop noticeable symptoms of jet lag and might want to consider some smart ways of dealing with it. Often travelers experience that traveling to eastern countries can be more of a challenge because the day is shortened and the body has much more catching up to do in terms of sleep.

How to quickly recover from jet lag?

But, take heart, read on, we can beat this together!

Some major things to consider:

1) When you experience jet lag, one of the simplest and easiest things to do is to provide your body with the information it needs about the new time zone and make yourself feel comfortable in your surroundings. The smart and best thing to do is to set up your watch to match your destination time zone.

2) Daylight is one of the biggest factors in helping your body clock adjust to your new environment and surroundings. Once you arrive at your destination, try and step out to catch some early morning or some early evening sunlight and let your body soak in all the natural light. This is one of the most effective cue and cure for your body to catch up and adjust well with the fact that it is in a new place.

3) If you are someone who struggles quite a lot with jet lag and intend to pop a pill as a cure, then Melatonin or a prescription drug essentially with your family doctor’s consultation might help you as well.

Good planning will enable you to find time to pack in and catch up on much required sleep:

4) Pre-plan all your activities and agenda that you wish to do at your place of arrival. The more planned your schedule, the more you can avoid unnecessary stress and last minute arrangements. That way, you will find more time to relax and adjust well to the new place.

5) See if you can book some good seats for yourself. Avoid bumpy seats, like the ones at the back of a plane.

6) It is desirable to book your tickets for an early evening arrival. This makes it most convenient for you to go to bed early and get enough sleep at your new location at a proper time.

7) In case you are traveling across several time zones, try and break your trip in a way such that you can stay over at a few cities in between to avoid intense fatigue.

Other simple tips to make it easy for you to relax and sleep well on your flight:

8) Avoid consuming inflight food and eating during the duration of your flights if possible. Have a simple meal before you board and after you land. Pick healthier and lighter meals over greasy and heavier options. Caffeine and alcohol are also best avoided.

9) Your body will thank you when you keep it hydrated. Drink lots of water.

10) Dress comfortably in clothes that are made of softer fabrics and not too tight.

11) It may help you to feel relaxed and refreshed to gently wash your face and apply a water based lotion.

12) A sleep mask and a set of ear plugs are good accessories to use to block out undesirable light source or noise that might disturb you.

13) Seek assistance from an attendant who can help you set reminders for your schedule and assist you in getting some decent hours of shut-eye.

14) A warm or a cold quick shower can help you alter your mood to be able to unwind and prepare yourself to sleep or even bring back some alertness if required.

15) If you are someone who is prone to stress and anxiety, block a few minutes to practice deep breathing and relaxation.

16) Mobile and other screen devices are best switched off if you wish to avail some switch off time too.

Having said that, one can travel all around the world, try and catch sleep on as many planes and in endless hotel suites but still find the most preferred bed for a relaxed sleep in the familiar and cosiest nooks of one’s home. To create a loveable haven for a peaceful sleep take a look at our range of mattresses here at www.sleepkraft.com

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